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Hukmi – To walk in the path of the saints – is a personal growth and philosophy website for everybody & anybody! Our free will chooses to live by rules that it gives to itself. Choosing well promotes happiness, integrity, and virtue, leading to a better life and a better world.

As someone who is trying to become a conscience being through practicing Sikhism, this blog offers a place to hold and share thoughts that impact our perception of who we are and our purpose.

This blog focuses on personal integrity, responsibility, critical thinking, self-knowledge, introspection, personal conduct, Stoic reflective practice, moral precedents, the importance of a good character, and common sense moral philosophy.

Reflection is a state only relative to those who look back(contemplate), the most important stage of time is the present, in which lies the outward result of intellect shaping our thought(s) and manifesting into our every action. For a conscious being, living in the moment or the present is about following and interpreting our primal Hukam (Order).  In that present celebrating and understanding the primal message :  All are in the One, and the One is in all (SGGS p907)




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