Amrit vela & the grace of guru – “Amrit vela sach nao”

The Vichaar of the 4th Pauri of Siri Jap jee Sahib is vital to attainment of Vaheguru jee. In the preceding 2 Pankitis, Guru Sahib has listed questions as to what should be presented in order to behold the Darbar (of Vaheguru) and what to say from the mouth so that He (Vaheguru) may love us (i.e. mystical love that occurs when Darshan of Vaheguru jee is done). Ini response to these questions, Guru Sahib’s answer is the aforementioned Gurbani Pankiti:

Guru Sahib gives us Hukam to do three things in order to see His Darbar and get His Love:

1. Have Amritvela (full Amritvela) in life.
2. Have Simran of Sach Naao i.e. chanting of Naam.
3. Do Vichaar of his Vadiyaaee.

The first two are obvious and the third one means to do Vichaar of his Vadiyaaee (greatness). This Vichaar can be done only if we know his greatness. On our own, we don’t know anything about him. Only Guru Sahibaan have perfect knowledge of Vaheguru and this knowledge (Brahmgyaan) is listed in Gurbani. Therefore, doing Paath and Kirtan of Gurbani constitutes doing Vichaar of his Vadiyaaee.

Gurbani is Agam Agaadh Bodh.

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