Sarbat Khalsa 13 Edicts in English Nov 10th 2015

 Sarbat Khalsa Resolutions (in English)

Mata1: Gurbachan Singh et al. have been relieved of their duties

Mata 2: KPS Gill and KS Brar have been deemed “tankheeye” (guilty) for their role in Sikh Genocide

Mata 4: Faqr-E-Qaum & Panth Ratan titles have been taken away from Badal, and Makkar is relieved from his title.
Mata 5: Starting from November 30 2015, there will be a pursuit for an International Sikh Parliament.

Mata 6: Denounce desecration and punish perpetrators who do Beadbi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Mata 7: Free political prisoners from Punjab and other struggles such as Kashmir.

Mata 9: Unite for struggle, and not divide.

Mata 10: Solidify a sovereign Sikh calendar.

Mata 11: Keep Darbar Sahib sovereign with everyone having the right to visit.

Mata 12: Gurmatas are binding to all Khalsa.

Mata 13: End casteist divisions in Sikh culture and faith practices, as well as other malpractices such as pollution.
Some thoughts :
The struggles in Punjab today are a reflection of decades of deep frustration amongst global Sikhs in respect to the long standing disingenuous and misguided leadership in recent times. The Sarbat Khalsa held this month was attended by thousands of Sikhs across India to witness and partake in the direction of the Sikh Panth. A televised live event on various channels, openly outlined the drive to take back panthic control of the Sikh’s heart land.
Whilst I don’t comment much on political matters, it is deeply apparent that the regime at Akaal Takht and Harminder Sahib’s close relationship with the Badal government had clearly impacted against Sikh best interests. The residents of Punjab have been ‘asleep’ for far too long despite the Guru’s clear guidance empowering the world Sikhs to expand society, law, economic and other systems that abide to universal law. Our lack of purpose and progress is regrettably a reflection of our belief, understanding and experience of Sikhi.  A handful of conscience beings can change the world, what if there was a nation of conscience beings (Khalsa), what if….

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